UPDATE: Applications are currently CLOSED. Please check back in the Fall.

Please go to the Litters Page for more up to date info on our litters.

Demand for puppies in 2020 was absolutely insane!!! We had over 1,000 applications for about 30 puppies. There is no way we could ever meet the demand for all the wonderful homes that applied. So far 2021 has been even worse!

Just because you apply for a puppy does not guarantee that you will get one. We have stopped using the waitlist process because we there would be people on the list that wouldn’t get a puppy until 2025 or later! Now we simply take the very best applicants each litters pool of applicants. The best way to stay up to date on application re-openings is to sign up for our mailing list below.

By signing up for the email list below, you will be notified when applications re-open and how long they will stay open for each litter. You can create a new application every time, or simply email us saying you would like your previous application to be considered again.

Applications are currently CLOSED!

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