UPDATE: We are accepting back-up applications for the Beth litter.


The Beth and Rhett puppies have arrived! 4 boys and 1 girl were born on July 13. These puppies will be ready to go to their new homes the weekend of Sept 7th.

This litter is SOLD OUT!

This litter will be raised in Eustis, FL with Courtney.

Our next planned litter will not be until early 2025.

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Our Mission

Here at GoldRox Goldens, we strive to produce healthy, well adjusted puppies that exude breed type. Temperament, health, and conformation are the foundation of our breeding program. Each litter of ours is carefully planned and cared for to ensure the best puppies possible.

Puppy Care

Veterinary Health Check

Each puppy we produce is checked out by our veterinarians at Animal Hospital of Ft Lauderdale (Davie litters) or Animal Wellness Center (Eustis litters). They receive their first round of Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella vaccines as well as a full physical, cardiology, and fecal exam. They are then sent home with a signed health certificate certified through the state of Florida. We will also provide the new owners with a detailed vaccination recommendation to share with their veterinarian.


Our puppies go home microchipped and enrolled with the AKC Reunite Program. When a dog’s microchip is enrolled with AKC Reunite, their ID is linked to the owner’s name(s), phone numbers, emergency contacts and other vital information in the database. When the dog is found, AKC Reunite will then immediately send the owners text messages, emails and begin contacting all the phone numbers on the pet’s record to reunite them with their family as quickly as possible.

Deworming Protocol

All of our puppies follow a strict preventative deworming protocol to ensure the puppy is sent home free of any intestinal parasites. Each puppy is dewormed weekly starting at 2 weeks old with Pyrantel Pamoate (Nemex), Toltrazuril (Baycox), or Fenbendazole (Panacur) to prevent an assortment of potential parasites. This strict schedule ensures no surprises when the owner gets their new puppy home. Each puppy is sent home with a document that outlines what dewormers the puppy has received so the owners and their vet can determine the best deworming schedule for the puppy moving forward.


Our litters are raised in our homes where they get the best start for their future life as a cherished family pet. In addition to following a slightly modified version of the Puppy Culture program, our puppies are exposed to everything they would be in an average household (and more too!). Our puppies are introduced to a variety of sights, sounds, smells, surfaces, people, dogs, and other animals. All of these steps are paramount in creating a well adjusted puppy that’s ready for their life in their new homes. It is imperative that the new buyers continue to socialize their new puppies for the best possible outcome.

Potty Training

While our puppies do not come 100% potty trained, we do begin the process for our new owners. Starting at 4 weeks old, our puppies are raised with a potty area of pine pellets or pine shavings. In combination with the obsessive cleaning of the puppies living area, the designated potty area teaches the puppies the difference between living and potty spots. This association teaches puppies early on to “hold it” and makes the potty training process extremely easy for the new owners. We’ve had several buyers over the years tell us that their new puppy potty trained in less than a week!